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Facts You Should Know


The increase in conversion from Google Ads compared to organic search marketing


The average ROI that most businesses enjoy through Google Ads


The percent of consumers that prefer to find information on local merchants via search engines


The percent of consumers that say ads influence their purchase decision


The percent of consumers that say ads make it easier to find things on your website


The percent increase that most businesses see in brand awareness when they buy Google Ads

Your Customers Are Searching for Your Services
Let’s Get You in Front of Them

Whether you are focusing on increasing brand awareness or focused on driving a strong ROI through a new customer acquisition strategy, Google Ads is one of the best vehicles to get there.

Where Are You Coming Up Short?


Are you not seeing the results that you want?


Are you unfamiliar with the back-end systems of Google Ads?


Are you lacking internal resources to do it with excellence?

How Does It Work?


1. We help you clarify your strategy

It starts with the business objectives


2. We dive deep into keyword and audience planning

Use our best in-class tools to draw out insights through competitive research

3. We build a test plan to reduce your risk to capital to see what works and what doesn't

Start with small tests to get data-points that will scale 

4. We build out a list of relevant and profitable keywords

Prevent you from wasting a lot of money on keywords that don’t drive business value

5. We build out customized text ads to increase your clicks

Push your customers to click your website through ads

6. We provide transparent reporting on what's working and what's not

Learn how what’s working and see insights and opportunities to drive business value

We’ll put your accountants to shame

Our data and Google nerds are obsessed with your numbers and results

Step 1 - Click on the 'Get Started' Button

Schedule a time to talk with someone on our team. They’ll discover your specific goals and use this knowledge to guide our team to crush it for your business.

Step 2 - Speak With Our Success Manager

Once you sign your custom agreement, a Success Manager will set up a kick-off call and guide you every step of the way.

Step 3 - Start Working With Our Team to Start Crushing It on Google

We will leverage our team of Google Ads experts, proven formulas, and proprietary technology to capture new customers on Google.

3 Easy Steps To Amazing Business Results

You Are On a Mission to Drive Results

You Need a Partner to Help You Accomplish That Mission

Your brand is on a mission to accomplish something great. You are a leader who’s pushing that mission forward. Your title could be Marketing Director, VP of Sales and Marketing, CEO, or Owner. No matter what your title is, you have a serious responsibility to drive results for your business.

If that’s you, then you are probably juggling several programs, projects, tasks, people and business priorities to get your brand closer to its mission.

One of your focus areas is likely driving results for your brand, and you need to do it well, but you could use some help.

What you need is a team. You need people who are experts at what they do, and committed to your business objectives.

How does this help you?  It allows you to get back to doing what you do best: growing your business, leading your teams, and making an impact.

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We had a lot of good things to promote and great stories to tell. We just needed a strategy and a team that could put it all together.

Kyle Rickard

CEO, That Grey Box

We needed help building relationships with our customers. Tonic Rocket helped us get there. I couldn't be more appreciative of what they have done.

Rob Morris

Marketing Director, Omni Devices