Selling to your customers is different now.

We can help you thrive on Social Media & Google.

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You want to thrive. We’re Here to help.

Social media and search engines are a part of everything we do. Every day, people are using social media and search engines to find a product or service, solve a specific need, learn about a topic, research and purchase solutions, and more.

We’re living in a unique time in history.  Innovative companies are thriving by adapting to their customers and finding creative ways to operate.  For some, this means increasing your marketing investment to capture market share. For others, it’s pivoting your business model to meet your customers’ current purchase behavior.   

Focusing on Revenue Growth

You must acquire new customers, grow your average order value, and decrease churn.


Finding Your Customers

Go where your customers are. We guarantee they are on social media channels and search engines.

Doing the Work for You

You’re an expert at what you do, just not an expert at social media or search marketing. 

All About Your success.

At Tonic Rocket, we create a unique branding experience for your company to help you reach potential customers through social and search engines.  And we’ll do all of the work for you.

We Get You.

Because we’ve heard it before.

We don’t have the expertise in our business to accomplish what we want to accomplish.
Sarah from Atlanta


We are getting by with marketing, but isn’t very productive. I am sure we are wasting money somewhere.
Mike from Dallas

Marketing Director

If we don’t adjust our business model, we won’t survive. I’m not sure how to acquire customers online.
Ed from Seattle

Small Business Owner

We help clients with:

  • Full Service Social Media
  • Social Media Advertising (Facebook & Instagram Ads)
  • Google Ads / Search Engine Marketing
  • Direct Mail (… I think you get the point. We’re digital nerds.)

Number of Social Media Posts or Google Ads we've done for our clients in the last 12 months

Our Team can be your team

Marketing is complicated.  You want to get it right. Our team wants to help.

How can we help you?

Full-Service Social Media

  • Dedicated Success Manager
  • Customized social media strategy
  • Customized content plan based on your business goals
  • Done-for-you graphics
  • Managed interaction with your users’ comments and inbox messages
  • Insightful Reports and Transparency

Social Media Advertising

  • Dedicated Success Manager
  • Persona identification to hyper-target the right user at the right time
  • Audience-first approach including prospecting, retargeting, and conversion suppression
  • Insightful customer reports via an online dashboard 

Google Ads Management

  • Premium placement on Google for your target keywords
  • A team of data-nerds and Google experts to ensure we’re hitting your goals
  • Managed daily click bids and optimization towards device types and day-parting
  • Insightful customer reports via an online dashboard

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We had a lot of good things to promote and great stories to tell. We just needed a strategy and a team that could put it all together.

Kyle Rickard

CEO, That Grey Box

We needed help building relationships with our customers. Tonic Rocket helped us get there. I couldn't be more appreciative of what they have done.

Rob Morris

Marketing Director, Omni Devices